Ink dating forensics

Handwriting analysis expert, forensic art dating, questioned documents, ink age, fraud and forensic analysis global forensic services, llc (gfs) (formerly stewart forensic consultants) is a forensic laboratory, consulting and investigative firm. Federal forensic associates determines the dates of questioned documents containing signatures, and many other types of documents federal forensic associates, inc ink and paper analysis / trace evidence / questioned document examination. The second ink dating approach analyzes the chemical composition of inks on a contested document with the aim to determine whether these inks (as well as other materials used to produce the document – paper, inkjet printing ink, toner, stamp pad ink, etc) were commercially available on or prior to the date appearing on the document. Ink analysis involving the determination of specific chemicals can be a useful forensic tool in pen formula differentiation thin-layer chromatography is the most widely used forensic technique.

Ink analysis introduction over the past 30 years, the ability to perform these examinations has become widely known and recognized among forensic scientists, document examiners and attorneys throughout the world ink dating tags are detected and identified by tlc using a solvent system of chlorobenzene and ethyl acetate (5:1, v/v).

In fact, the dating of documents is a key area in the field of forensic science a new method that determines the age of a document in a less invasive way than other techniques and is also able to.

Ink dating expert witness – document and handwriting experts ink dating is done in two primary forms the first ink dating method is the static approach, which determines when the ink being examined was manufactured. – ink dating, ink age, forensic analysis ink, fraud, forgery there are typically two different forensic methods for ink dating the first method used is known as the “static” approach.

Ink dating is a highly specialized forensic examination and considered to be one of the most accurate and reliable methods to help determine the age of a document ink dating and ink aging an ink formulation can be identified to a specific manufacturer to ascertain the first date of commercial availability.

  • About valery aginsky valery n aginsky, phd is a forensic chemist of over 37 years of experience specializing in the field of ink analysis (ink comparison, ink dating) and document dating he has worked for a major government laboratory for twenty years (1980 - 2000) as a forensic chemist and document analyst.

Aginsky forensic document dating laboratory is an international forensic firm that provides consultation, examination and expert testimony on civil and criminal cases involving disputed documents, such as. The second form of ink dating is the evaporation of volatile solvents and decay of bands on a chromatogram, this is the technique used to date inks to within six months until they are approximately three to four years old.

Ink dating forensics
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